02 January 2014


Zahriman Alias (left) and CLA browsing through the book at Medan Bandar Tasik Puteri.
Ashraf Manzoor (left), Mohamed Ibrahim and Ghazali Yasin capturing the moment.
Ashraf Manzoor (left), Ghazali Yasin, Datin Jamilah Ujang and Ahmad Fadzil Yassin discussing points.
One for the Album with Host Dato' Napsiah Abu Bskar (2nd from left).
From right: Mohamed Ibrahim, Zahriman Alias, Ahmad Fadzil Yassin and Datin Jmilah Ujang  in the Post-Mortem Session with Zahriman stressing a point.
Lunch with Dato' Napsiah serving Abu Aman Bachik (right) and Mohamed Ibrahim.
Hearty lunch or not, this is the time to celebtate with Ghazali Yasin pampering those present.
True to tradition, the ladies took their turn after the guys.
The book, published on 28 December 2013,  three days before deadline.

Group President, Zahriman Alias leads the invited guests to lunch hosted by Dato' Napsiah Abu Bakar.

Forget the glitches, the scrambling for deadline and the bickerings. It is time to celebrate and a time to forgive and forget. Those were the days and the Group looks forward to the future. Weaknesses and strengths are part and parcel of life and we dare say: So be it!


  1. Congratulations for the job well done. I have been waiting for the day when I would like to see some dignified personlities from our Alma Mater contributing and accomplishing something awesome such as this. It is really happening and I am too excited.I jus could not believe it that you people have worked wonders. This would be a legacy nobody can deny. I am sure those Mavericks in our group stand tall during this defined moment. It's really great and wish you all the best, especially to Bro. AAB and AFY. All the best too to the Group's President, Zahriman Alias and his Colleagues. Also to our School runner but skinny CLA, whose pictures appear in many pages of the book. I am happy and it's worth the effort and the fund. Wassalam.

  2. Tahniah atas penerbitan buku sulung Grup TBSST. Masih belum dapat pegang buku ini. Harap akan dapat senaskah dalam masa terdekat.

  3. FY, thanks ever so much for the lovely appreciation.Come lah to TBS for the launching of the book on 5/1/14 at 300 pm at the school galari.

    1. I am too old to present myself publicly. And the time has come for me to lie low devoid of worldly glitters. Sometimes, I am also too old to remember vividly what in the hell I have been doing in my school years. However I am happy with my children and grandchildren around. No Bro. AAB and AFY, you guys are different. You still have the aura to continue with life because man are always man. You go on having fun. Anyway I do not have the courage to go back to Kampung since nobody is around. Remember what I told you before and let's hope we stick to our promise. I am as yet to see the book, but I can get hold of a copy sooner or later. I am surprise to note that the entry this time is not in the usual Tampang but in another blog. It was one of my children who noticed the entry and I quickly I scrambled to say something. Wishing you all the best and please send my regards to the skinny CLA. I just heard he has a pretty wife now.

  4. Tahniah kepada Grup TBSST kerana berjaya mengeluarkan sebuah buku. Walaupun saya belum melihat kandungannya tetapi daripada komen-komen di FB sejak buku ini mula diselenggarakan, saya yakin ia akan menepati cita rasa kawan-kawan baik bekas pelajar TBS mahpun yang masih belajar di sekolah itu hari ini. Teringin juga nak dapatkan senaskah dan Insya-Allah akan cuba dapatkan senaskah nanti.

  5. Tahniah kepada Grup TBSST kerana dapat menerbitkan sebuah BUKU sulung nya bagi bahan tatapan rakan2 semua. Saya sangat terharu dan bangga kepada krew2 penerbit BUKU ini yg telah memberi ruang masa emas mereka untuk menerbitkan BUKU ini ... Tahniah dan Sybas Wagieh2 semua ! Jasa mu tetap dikenang. Saya Haji Nasa belum kesempatan mendapat nya lagi dan Insya Allah akan cuba mendapatkan nya. Saya ada juga menyumbang satu Artikel dalam nya. Terima kasih untuk semua ahli2 TBSST.

  6. Sdr. Nasa, artikel Sdr bertjuk " I Love My Big Family" ada dimuatkan dalam buku ini. Ia adalah di dalam kategori Biografi. Begitu juga dengan profil Sdr pada akhir buku itu. Waktu pelancarannya esok di Alma Mater kita eloklah sangat Sdr. hadir untuk mendapatkan naskah Sdr. Malah nama Sdr sebagai penyumbang ada tercatat dalam senarai yang dicetak terpisah daripada buku itu. Jemputlah esok di Sekolah Menengah Tunku Besar Tampin. Pelancaran dirasmikan oleh Dato' Nafsiah Abu Bakar, adinda Sdr. sendiri selaku mantan Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri. Pelancaran adalah pada pukul 3.00 petang. Sebelum itu hadirin dijemput ke rumah kakak Mohamed Ibrahim di Kg. Batang Nyamor untuk makan tengah hari sempena acara istimewa keluarga.

  7. How come I have not seen new entries in Tampang for quite some time now. What happens? Has the Tampang Admins stopped writing new entries. I don't understand. Today one of my friends showed me that I could look for TBSST news in this Blog. All of a sudden I remember that the owner of this Blog was my former colleague. We were together in early 1960'S. I hope he remembers me. No, I do not think so since I am using a pseudonym all along. Anyway what matters most is that I wish to congratulate to the team involved in getting this book published. It was hell of a job, an accomplishment second to none. My friend and I are as yet to receive a copy but we have seen a lot of promotional comments and statements in TBSST FB. Faithfully Yours has commented positively about the book. How i wish I would be at the launching ceremony tomorrow but since it is an exclusive one I doubt if I am invited. However I am very proud that I did contribute something to the book financially. Anyway worry not about us for we can still get hold of the book through our link. Congratulations! May Allah bless you all.

  8. Tahniah atas kejayaan menerbitkan buku. Saya rasa belum ada lagi mana-mana kumpulan bekas pelajar sekolah yang berjaya mencetak buku kecuali majalah. Itupun ketika mereka masih belajar di sekolah. Mengumpulkan kawan-bekas pelajar sekolah bukannya mudah terutama setiap bekas pelajar ini mempunyai kerjaya yang bermacam-macam. Saya tengah mengusahakan untuk mendapatkan senaskah. Melalui info kat FB yang dikendlikan Grup TBSST telah banyak diketahui tentang buku ini. Syabas!

  9. Syabas! Lupakanah shortcomings tentang buku ini. What matters most is the Group has created history by publishing such a handsome book. There will be comments - good or bad - but nobody is perfect.

  10. The book cover is somewhat dull but probably the team wanted to have that nostalgic effect. I have seen the book and my only complaint is I do not see many human interest articles written but instead concentration is more on write-ups on biography. I doubt the unbalanced approach will cater the interest of many. Anyway congratulations!

  11. Hey Kawan, don't judge the book by its cover-lah.

  12. I am happy to note that the book is finally published. i have seen the book when a friend of mine showed me the stuff. Nice cover and it does reflect the effect that everyone probably suggested. Yesterday's official launching at your alma mater was obviously successful. My friend who attended the "Majlis" was so thrilled that she forgot to buy a copy of the book for me. Anyway she has given me her copy saying she woud secure hers in no time. I browsed through the book and I like the English language articles by Uncle AAB as well as the lengthy article by Mr. Ashraf Mnzoor. Syabas to all!. But the 16-page coloured photographs were a little below satisfactory level. Perhaps with glossy paper those pages would shine beautifully. Overall it's a thumb-up and please keep up the good work. My mum must be proud of her alma mater's success. even though currently at times she seems remorseful and "lebih banyak menjadi pelupa..

  13. Not bad for a start.



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